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TRIAD Magazine

clayton stringer

I'm happy to announce that I have officially become a contributor for TRIAD Magazine! What is TRIAD Magazine you ask? Well TRIAD is a online blog/physical magazine that helps people pause from their everyday life to take in the beauty that this life has for us. Here is their official vision:

TRIAD exists to provide an avenue for enjoying the beauty and wonder of everyday life. Whether simple or complex, abstract or concrete, our aim is to help both our collaborators and our readers pause and consider what so often goes unnoticed in the busyness of our culture. We hope that TRIAD is a tool to assist you in recovering the lost skills of imagination, contemplation, and celebration for the world we live in.

Over the past year I have loved being a guest contributor for TRIAD a couple of times and I have loved being challenged to pause and reflect:

TRIAD is truly on a path that i strongly believe in I am so fortunate to be a part of a great group of talented artists that help bring life and beauty to an often busy,  draining, and exhausted world. So please go check out all of the awesome stuff they got going on over at TRIADMagazine.com 

Here is also my intro post where you can get to know me a little better!