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Goals // 2015

clayton stringer


I'll be honest, New Years resolutions have never been my thing. Good thing it's January 12th and we can go ahead and forget the term resolution and just call this goals or things to strive for. Right? So here is not to another year, but another day of trying to steer the ship in the right the direction and make the very best of this short time I have. Cheers!


1. Execute on Dreams

It seems like I see best with my eyes closed these days. Ideas are constatly coming in and I am always dreaming of what is next. This can sometimes get it the way of following through with the dreams that I would like to actually accomplish. So time to make some of the dreams a reality (or at least take a good swing at making them a reality)

2. Organize and Follow through in Order to execute on dreams

This is not my greatest quality, organization. But over the years I have gained a big respect for organization and realize that in order to accomplish and execute, organization is key. 

3. Convince people with actions not words 

I'm so sick of talk. I really am. People are always spewing opinions around and telling people what is right and wrong. True impact is something sought after, not enforced. I've just decided that this will be the year that I will talk less and show more. Deal with it. 

4. Iceland

Definitly a tough one to accomplish, but going to Iceland has been on the top of my list for way too long. This is the year I am going to make a big push to pull it off. 

5. Direct a Documentary

Maybe more news of this in the near future! Stay Tuned. 

6. Trust the Ol' Gut

This one is kinda vague. Lets just say I learned this past year that if you don't trust your gut, your just asking for trouble. If I get a gut feeling this year, I'm rolling with it. 

7. Discover way more new music

I would never in my life think that I would have to have a goal for finding new music. I am a huge music fan and I think between the stress and chaos of 2014, I wasn't able to discover as much as I would've liked. Time for that to change. So if you have any good new music your listening to, pass it along!

8. Blog more

Hey-O! Accomplishing that right now. Lets do it some more!