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Whats Includes
Varies Between Packages

Wedding Movie Trailer - (1 minute video that is a preview of the wedding movie, released 1-2 weeks after wedding)- since the whole DVD will take around two months, this trailer is released shortly after the wedding and will get you excited about the upcoming movie. 

Wedding Ceremony - this is simply just a video of the actual ceremony itself; start to finish with two cameras.

Wedding Movie- (5-7 minute video highlighting wedding day, released 6-8 weeks after the wedding). This movie will recap the entire event in a cinematic style. 

Raw Footage -  All of the raw footage shot from the entire day will be on a single DVD, so you don’t miss a thing! 


About The Day


For the Ceremony, 4 cameras will be used to ensure full ceremony coverage. We shoot everything on high definition, large sensor cameras to provide and crisp and cinematic image. We use wireless mics and recorders to capture every vow spoken and every speech given. We deliver the final products on DVD's. Highlight videos and trailers are posted online to make them easy to share with friends and family



Pricing Per Hour

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